what is karga

in shortest terms, karga is a 3d chat system. it can also be called a simple virtual reality enviroment

similar to multiplayer games, users can move around in 3d places, see and talk to each other, change their appearance, interact with the enviroment and each other (like dancing and kissing)

users may also play simple games like 'rock paper scissors'. hopefully, in the future there will be more game elements like puzzles, vehicles, usable items, team based games etc.

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system requirements

  • any operating system that supports java 5 (Windows, Linux, Mac OsX, Solaris etc)
  • a 2000 mhz or faster computer with 384 mb of ram is recommended
  • java 5 or higher required. click here to check for java
  • graphics card is irrelevant since karga uses software renderer


like most games best way to get used to karga is to play with it. just follow the entry page and you are in ;)

basicly one moves around with keyboard and interacts with mouse. a context based pop-up menu appears with right click. mouse cursor changes to indicate interactable objects (such as users)

camera can be adjusted as first or third person

while talking cartoon style balloons appear over avatars. talking comes in three flavours: whisper, normal or shout

at least for now karga is unmoderated. if you are disturbed by someone right click over him/her and select 'dont see xxx'. after then you wont see each other

well this is it at a glance, now login and have fun ;)

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move around:
arrow keys
space bar
double tap forward key
look up/down:
a/z, drag mouse
center view:
adjust camera:
shift arrow keys, drag/wheel mouse
switch to next view:
change screen size:
change resolution:
shift +/-

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papel is the virtual money unit of karga. it can be used to to rent/buy dressings and other services

users earn karga papels by just spending time in karga. current rate is 1 papel per hour. away periods do not count. dont worry about disconnecting from karga before one hour completes as time spent is silently cumulated in background

users may also earn papels by requesting papels from their partners for dancing, kisssing etc

buying karga papels via PayPal is also possible at shop part of the site

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i see a text file while trying to run karga ?

make sure you have java 5 installed. click here to check for java


where is the installer ?

thanks to java web start technology, there is no installer. just click one of the links at entry page


what is that trust stuff running in full screen mode ?

java takes security serious and sometimes too serious. going in fullscreen requires some previllages and you need to trust (give previllages) to run karga in fullscreen


i can login as a guest so why should i register ?

guest login can be removed at any time. behind that registered users have certain benefits: nobody else can use their nicknames, their avatar configurations persist among sessions etc.


i have java 5 installed but still cant run karga ? (my browser shows a text file / starts another application)

seems as somehow another application is default for jnlp file extensions. reinstalling java may help


how can i kiss someone in karga ?

right click over him/her and suggest an action ('to kiss' in this case)


mr devil is abusing me, where are the moderators ?

karga is unmoderated. right click on him/her and select 'dont see mr devil' from popup menu. you wont see each other again


why male-male and female-female kiss not allowed ?

definitely not for ethical reasons. it just triples animation amount (hence space and download time) for kissing


what does 'aptal karga' means ?

'aptal karga' means 'foolish crow' in turkish:
he is the crow who resurrected for revenge after his death but forgot his reason of resurrection because of the happiness of returning life again. foolish crow is not real, just an urband legend among crows

can i use those entry links at my site ?

sure, as long as you mention where they belong to


i have found a bug, what should i do ?

you can report it at bug@aptalkarga.com


can karga be customized for other sites/purposes ?

maybe, it depends. try sending an email to admin@aptalkarga.com


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